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About The Space

The Space (since 2003) exists to build a safe, positive community for people of all ages through music and the arts. Physically, we are a listening room venue located in an unlikely industrial park in a sleepy suburb of New Haven, Connecticut. So we definitely have that whole mystery thing going for us. We’re somewhat small in venue size (150 capacity), but we house a whole lot of love and a whole lot of decorations. You can spend a few months mentally cataloging all the weird random things hanging from our walls and ceilings. We have a large stage that is the focal point of the room. We have a Vintage Boutique (The Attic) and 80s arcade upstairs. We also have a Cafe that serves awesome food and there is an expansive outdoor patio area that has comfortable seating. The Space is basically halfway between an underground arts collective and a sticky floor rock venue. There’s carpet, a checkered floor and a staff made of awesome people. There are velvet couches crazy lamps and over 50 different flavors of tea. There’s also rock and roll, folk, acoustic orchestras, independent film, SKA, experimental, indie shows, and more happening on our stage. We have hosted hundreds and hundreds of national, regional and local bands since we opened in early 2003. We are a venue run by musicians for musicians.

Booking Information

The Space is always looking for new artists of all genres / experience. We encourage anyone interested in playing a show at The Space to fill out the submission form below. This is the easiest way for us to get in touch with you and organize a show / place your project. We receive a high volume of emails every day so it is important to you fill out the form correctly while providing as much information as possible. For artists / bands who have previously played The Space, feel free to contact us through our booking email. Including your most recent photo & bio as well as the dates your interested in help us greatly.

Renting The Space

Looking to host a Private Party or Event? Looking for a place to rehearse? The Space offers affordable rental rates for a variety of events.

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Please visit our Contact Page to leave us a message.