Thursday, October 26 2017

Hollow Bones, Across the White Water Tower, Halcyon, Counter Offer

Presented by: The Space

Doors: 7:00 PM
Tickets: $12.00 / $10.00 ADV
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Hollow Bones, Across the White Water Tower, Halcyon, Counter Offer

Hollow Bones

From the inception of Hollow Bones, the five piece group from White Plains, New York has been pushing the musical envelope, with a relentless and fervent need to create a unique sound all their own. Their debut EP, “TWENTYONE EIGHTYTHREE”, exemplifies this by incorporating all of the band members’ favorite music influences into one big knot of raw emotion. Their fresh approach to the stagnating genre has garnered them a feature in Decibel Magazine, and has won them a spot on the Eat Your Heart Out Fest, two years in a row.

With their love of video games, movies, and pop culture references, members Patrick Anthony (vocals), Andrew Formale (guitar), Sharon Malfesi (vocals/guitar), Nick Pereira (bass), and Connor Warren (drums), have begun to create a lot of waves. Their mission? To reach people who are as passionate about music as they are about creating it; to show that inner strength and self love are the most important things in the world, and they intend to spread that message far and wide.

Their debut musical venture (as Edenborn), “TWENTYONE EIGHTYTHREE”, is an aggressive blend of melody and raw, angry emotion, all put together with unconventional song structure that is a fresh take on something that has been done time and again. This project was a clear indication of the things to come for Hollow Bones, as they gear up to put out their second release. Their new single, “Lionheart: Execution” embodies their powerful message, crushing heaviness, and their beautiful melodic overtones, as they attempt to shatter the boundaries of genre confinement.

Hollow Bones incredibly strong and dynamic identity comes through in their high energy, fast paced live show. With a constant stream of live footage being generated and in a never ending attempt to connect with supporters and fans,
Hollow Bones performance only gets better with time. These five hardworking individuals are constantly exploring new avenues of improvement musically, socially, in their performance, and as human beings, in order to better express themselves through their craft. Love them or hate them, Hollow Bones is here for the long haul, and they’re pushing limits that others would not even consider.

Across the White Water Tower (NY)

Halcyon (CT)

Counter Offer (CT)