Sunday, July 16 2017

Hidden Hospitals, See Me, For Me, Pale Space, Carbon Based, Violetta Crush

Presented by: The Space

Doors: 7:00 PM
Tickets: $12.00 / $10.00 ADV
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Hidden Hospitals, See Me, For Me, Pale Space, Carbon Based, Violetta Crush

Hidden Hospitals

Hidden Hospitals’ website reveals where the band derives its moniker. Their iconic mark captures the band’s foundational vision: obscured within the double “H,” a universal symbol for aid.

Hidden Hospitals’ frequently dark, powerful music strikes a balance with hopeful and often profound lyrical content. Finding their stride in two fully produced EP releases, the Chicago rock band’s sound continues to resist encapsulation. It is undeniably human; familiar at its core, modern and austere in its execution.

Produced and mixed by J. Hall, Surface Tension marks Hidden Hospitals’ first full-length album; a record that churns heavy with kinetic energy and precise movements. Carefully paced through 12 engaging tracks, a stable and familiar thread ties together the album as a whole. The band transitions seamlessly between sharp, taut guitar-rock reminiscent of Diamond Eyes era Deftones and an atmosphere of electronica evoking Radiohead’s Kid A. The band takes a minimalist approach to songwriting–the thoughtful process of reduction, leaving nothing but what’s necessary. In this whitespace Hidden Hospitals gives us a glimpse of a persistent absence in today’s rock n’ roll. They let us hear what we’ve been missing.

The band has balanced these elements over three years of many national and regional tours providing direct support for The Used, Hot Rod Circuit, Cartel and Blindside among others along the way. “The Absence of Emotion” (EP 002) charted six weeks in top 10 CMJ Rock Charts (20 in top 30) and produced a dozen commercial licensing syncs in 2013. Exclusively, EP 001 + 002 is currently stocked at all major music retailers Japan (Cars & Cals Rec).

See Me, For Me

See Me, For Me is a four piece that began in the Winter of 2014 with Chris and Dante playing acoustic shows in their local scene. After several months, the guys realized they had more ambition than to just be a local acoustic act, so they plugged in, got a little drum kit, and started pumping out fast, angry, angsty songs in Chris’s basement and at local venues. After the loss of their original band-mate and good friend, Ted, the pair were introduced through mutual friends to Noah, a Thomaston musician who gave the band the drive to write more mature, meaningful songs. After two rigorous years of writing and playing, the band have developed their sound into one they believe is honest and one of their own.

Pale Space

They say great art comes from struggle and adversity, and that the best music resonates from a deeply emotional place that the listener connects with. Pale Space was formed through bad luck, coincidence and a little serendipity thrown in for good measure. The story began in Durham, North Carolina. Nate Manware (Singer/Songwriter) had just lost his job, band and girlfriend in the same breath. Disillusioned with his situation and tired of manning the drum throne for countless other bands, he started writing songs and sharpening his frontman skills on the Durham open mic circuit. As word began spreading around the scene and the songs began to fill notebooks, people started encouraging Manware to form a live band. After fruitlessly searching the area for musicians, he cashed in his chips and left the Bull City for his home state of Connecticut.

When he arrived in Connecticut, Manware immediately started scouring the scene for band members. His search lead him to his old high school friends and local heroes, Matt Folcik (Guitar) and Tim Dubin (Keyboards/Saxophone). With a sprawling musical vision and a nostalgic connection, the nucleus of Pale Space was formed. They soon recruited Manware’s former student Julian “Growing Boy” Sherwood (Drums) and a phenomenal singer/songwriter in his own right Jack Tucker (Bass/Vocals).

Pale Space had evolved from a bedroom recording project into a cohesive and powerful live band. With a solid line-up formed, they set about achieving a musical vision that can’t be defined, only described. You could call it indie with a bit of post rock sprinkled in, or you could call it space rock with some shoe gaze on top. It is a sound with pop sensibility yet creative chord progressions and inversions. It is a wash of tasteful effects and lush soundscapes. The song structures are unconventional, but the hooks will stick with you long after listening. The choruses are anthemic and their tight dynamics can bring the music from a whisper to a roar at the drop of a dime. All this meshing of collective influence will take the listener on a journey, and aren’t we all just looking for a little escapism?

Carbon Based

Formed in 2016, Carbon Based is an Alternative Rock group from New Haven, Connecticut.

Violetta Crush

Chuck Fears and Pat Fears, a duo from San Antonio, Texas, pump out high-energy, synthetic sounds of the underground.